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Flower wreath

Simple but effective craft project!

Lots of fun for all the family.

My completed wreath size is 40 x 40 cm. But you could definitely make a much smaller one.

For this project you will need:

  • Egg cartons, I had a massive one that I’d been saving. For my wreath I cut out about 30 individual egg cups. Some I doubled up. For a small wreath you need 10-20 egg cups.

  • Cardboard; any size pieces of cereal boxes for the leaves and then a piece the size of your wreath base.

  • Scissors.

  • Glue. I got out a general craft glue. But in the end I used a glue gun. The Glue gun is much quicker and holds everything better. The Glue stick would have been fine, but not as good at holding heavier items to the wreath. I could have used PVA as that is quite strong when dry, you just need to wait a while for it to dry.

  • Acrylic paint. I have regular art tubes, but I also have lots of tester pots from the DIY store. These often come in softer pastel shades.

  • Other things I added along the way were some flower die-cuts that I found, pom-poms and some pipe cleaners. But you could add stickers, little fluffy chick toys, Easter egg craft supplies. Anything.

This project took a whole afternoon, but there was lots of waiting for things to dry. If you are doing this with a couple of little children, I would plan a whole day of dipping in and out (and tidying up) of each step.

First I cut out each of the egg cups and rounded off the corners. Some had 4 petals and some I doubled up to create 8 petals. I had a few where I’d managed to cut off any good petal shapes so I cut little notches into these to create daisies. Cut anything you want, make your own flower shapes.

I then cut out basic leaf shapes from my thin card. These leaves are mostly hidden so they don’t need to be perfect.

Paint your leaves. I used a pale green and a darker spring green colour. I then painted a mix of those colours.

I then painted the flowers, I tried to stick to similar colours. I’d found some pom-poms to add to the middles, but if I was just using paint I would have added a yellow or orange into the middles.

Next cut out your wreath base. I laid all my flowers out on the table in a ring to make a guess of what size ring I needed to cut. Try to cut this out of one sturdy piece of card.

Paint the ring in green (most of this will get covered up).

I glued the pom-poms into the centre of each of my flowers. You can see that my flowers are quite simply painted. I think if you have less then I would embellish them a little more. But if you have a lot then just let the mass of flowers give impact.

Start gluing all your leaves onto the ring. Make sure some point in to the middle and some point out. Keep them random. I also started gluing down my die-cut flowers as I wanted to create a movement around my wreath from these flat flowers around to the big bunch of large flowers.

Next I added some pipe cleaners (which I had ‘spiralised’ by wrapping round the end of a paint brush). I glued these on now as I wanted the ends to get lost under the flowers. If you were adding little chicks and eggs I would wait until you had all your flowers attached, then fill in the gaps with your extra elements.

I finally glued on my egg cup flowers! I also added some extra die-cut flowers into any obvious gaps.

Don’t forget to attach some way to hang your wreath. I attached a loop with a pipe cleaner glued to the back. If you make small wreaths you could just blu-tak them up.

Now go and display your Spring Wreath!

Download tutorial:

Tricia Johnson Spring Wreath craft proje
Download • 3.05MB

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