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Zoom lessons with Tricia 

Online art lessons. Whether it's a 1:1 session, a one off workshop or a weekly course, here's everything you need to know.

Once you've booked your course you will be sent a confirmation email. Contained in that email will be a Zoom link.

Which will look a little like this:

            Join Zoom Meeting


            Meeting ID: 851 6943 91

            Passcode: 556811

Make sure you keep this email as it is the easiest way to access the course. 

(You may want to 'Flag' or 'Star' the email in your mail box so you can find it later)

The hyperlink (the blue text) should take you straight to the session. Just click on it!

The meeting ID and Passcode are a back-up, that you can manually type into Zoom.

Before your lesson starts. I suggest the day before, you should download the Zoom app or you can click on your 'blue' hyperlink and it will prompt you to download the app or use this Zoom Download Link:

This is really quick and easy to do and should take around 2 minutes at the most. 


To download the app onto your phone go to Google Play Store and type in ‘Zoom’.  I recommend using your laptop or tablet as it will be easier to see what I’m doing, however a mobile phone will work too.  

Set up your workstation (your studio space)

  • Make sure your laptop/tablet is charged or you are near enough to a plug.

  • Create a space to work, preferably near your art equipment.

  • Give yourself plenty of space for your sketchbook or paper in front of you.

  • I do like to see students, but I only really need to see you clearly if you want to hold your work up to show me, but make sure you can see the screen so you can see my demonstration!

  • For group lessons, tablets and laptops show what's going on a little differently (laptops are able to show everything on the screen, but with tablets you sometimes have to swipe left and right to see me or the other students in the lesson). Don't worry, on the day I can talk you through anything you're not sure about.

Now it's the day of your lesson. Click the 'blue' hyperlink about 5 minutes before your lesson is due to start.

You will be in a 'waiting room'. I'll know you are there (as your name will appear on my Zoom list), but I can't see you so don't panic! You can make sure your audio is connected and you can see yourself on the screen.

When it is time for the lesson to start I will allow you to enter the Zoom meeting (the lesson) and you can see me and any other students.

You may be on MUTE, so you might have to click on the microphone so I can hear you.

During the session I may MUTE you, but you can easily unmute to ask questions.

The session may also be recorded. If this is the case no footage of you will be used or shared (unless I share a 1:1 session with you) but I may use the recording of my own demonstration, so this is why I am recording. Zoom will ask you to agree to the recording of the session.

If you have any problems you can email me and I am happy to talk you through the process or hold a 5 minute practise session with you the week before the course. Do get in touch

Here is a short video explaining how to join a Zoom meeting from an email link.

You can also have a practise on your own via this Zoom link

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