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Old Dry Watercolour tubes!

A quick tip for dried watercolour paints.

This also works for gouache tubes, but NOT for acrylics.

Sometimes your paint may not be as dry as mine, but the same thing applies.

  • Get the paint out of the tube by cutting the tube open and scrape out all the paint with a palette knife or small spoon.

  • Place the paint in a jar or palette. I'm using an old egg tray from the fridge!

  • The harder the paint the more you will have to spritz with water and rub to get the paint lubricated enough.

  • If your paint is very hard like mine, you can crush it down in your pot and add a little water.

You can use your paint just as you would any other watercolour paint.

Let me know if you have any painting tips for old materials.

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