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Is this course for me?

Do you want to work from the beginning on simple drawing exercises? Do you want to work on a series of drawings to develop your core skills?  Find different ways to work from one source image to generate different ideas? Then yes this is for you.

The course assumes you have a little previous drawing knowledge (although suitable for complete beginners or are an experienced artists who just find it hard to ‘start a new project’) and presents each piece of information or skill in manageable lessons. Allowing you to work through at your own pace, completing each lesson and building on the previous lesson’s skills.

This course is also accompanied by a printable equipment list and source photographs used in the lessons, so you can work along with my demonstrations. Or choose your own images to work with.

What does the course cover?

Introduction – A quick course overview and a look at the main equipment you need.

Lesson 1 – Making a viewfinder


Lesson 2 – Continuous lines + a bonus video


Lesson 3 – Finding tones with graphite


Lesson 4 –  Charcoal; equipment, how to trace and finding tones


Lesson 5 – Pastel- equipment, finding tones and 2 bonus videos

Everything you need to set you on the road to creating your own ideas and start a new project!


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Exploration Through Sketching