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Watercolour & Dip pen landscape with house.

Demonstration using watercolour and a home-made metal tip dip pen.

Make sure you use a suitable paper thickness for your watercolours, but I didn’t add lots so anything from a 170gsm paper should be okay. Also remember that your dip pen will move better over a smooth paper than a rough. Although I can be fun to see what marks your pen makes on different paper.

Follow along with the image on screen!

For this project you will need:

  • Watercolour paints

  • Dip pen or fountain pen or drawing pen

  • HB pencil

  • Suitable paper 170gsm to 350gsm

  • Brushes and pots

This project should take between 20-30 minutes.

Share what you create after watching this video, on the 'Student Chatroom':

I can't wait to see your artwork!


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