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Watercolour Christmas Designs

A series of 3 video demonstrations showing a selection of different Christmas designs.

The designs:

Fun and Simple- Round Robin, Stars at night and 3x3 Trees.

Classic and Stylish – Baubles and Presents

Traditional and Painterly – Snowman and Treescape.

These designs are so simple and fun so try painting them small for cards or a little larger, mounted and framed for cute festive gifts.

For this project you will need:

  • Watercolour paints (any colours)

  • HB pencil

  • Brushes and pots

  • Watercolour paper 280-320 gsm

  • Masking fluid

  • Toothbrush and white Gouache

  • Gold pen

Each project should take between 10-40 minutes.

Watch each of the slower videos below -

Share what you create after watching this video, on the 'Student Chatroom'

I can't wait to see your artwork!


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