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Tetra Pak printing

Take a look at the full process creating a beautiful Tetra Pak print.

This print was the start of a series for the 2020 International Print Exchange.

For this project I used:

  • Milk and Juice cartons

  • Scissors, ‘scoring’ tools.

  • Card

  • Toothbrush, scrim, tissue paper, tweezers

  • Inking slab

  • Akua inks

  • Somerset Satin paper

  • X-cut (die cutter) portable printing press.

This project should take as long as you want….but at least 1 day!

Share your finished project on the Student Chatroom!

Then add ##IPE #Internationalprintexchange #printing #tetrapak #fish #goldfish #artwithtricia #Akua

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