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Mini Landscapes with Daniel Smith Watercolours

Using paint from my Daniel Smith paint ‘Sampler’ video to create Mini Landscape Washes.

For this project you will need:

  • Watercolour paints (listed below)

  • Palette

  • Paint brush

  • Watercolour paper

  • Water pots

All the paints used in this video are from the Daniel Smith watercolours range.

1-Extra Fine Lunar Black

2-Extra Fine Titanium White

3-Luminescent Aztec Gold

4-Luminescent Pearlescent White

5-Hematite Genuine PrimaTek

6-Sodalite Genuine PrimaTek

7-Amethust Genuine PrimaTek

8-Bloodstone Genuine PrimaTek

9-Piemontite Genuine PrimaTek

10-Mayan Blue Genuine PrimaTek

11-Green Apatite Genuine PrimaTek

12-Serpentine Genuine PrimaTek

This project should take between 30 – 90 minutes.

Share what you create after watching this video, on the 'Student Chatroom'

I can't wait to see your artwork!

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