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Research: Michael Morgan - by Helen Dungey

Michael Morgan ( 1928-2014 )

I very much admire Michael Morgan’s paintings, he mostly used watercolour to paint landscapes. I love the colours, quite often a very limited palette; the textures; the timeless, semi-wild subjects, and the calmness that emanates from his pictures.

Coastal Farm

Michael Morgan said he did not reproduce a particular landscape, he didn’t paint things as they are but as he wanted them to be. Apparently he was very influenced by John Blockley.

When talking about his working methods he said:

‘I experiment a great deal, push the thickened watercolour pigment about with a palette knife, spray droplets of water on to damp colour, draw into the paint with a stick or damp quill and sometimes press crumpled paper into the images I am working on. I often work with mount board primed with gesso rather than on paper. I seldom, if ever these days, paint ‘en plein air’ as the work produced tends to be more descriptive and lacks the atmosphere and inventiveness of paintings made in my studio.’

Rock Cottage

To see more of Michael Morgan's work visit

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Oct 27, 2021

I really like these pictures especially the first, I think it’s not only the composition but the palette of colours used that has inspired me. I have saved this picture some years ago but have not got around to doing anything like it yet, so thank you for bringing this back to my attention.

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