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Lino / stamp repeat blocks

Simple by effective repeat pattern printing.

For this project you will need:

  • Lino (traditional grey) or Japanese lino or easy carve or mastercut (Essdee).

  • Paper to print on. I used HoSho paper and some cardstock.

  • Printing ink; Cranfield, Caligo safe wash relief printing ink.

1 block is a 30 to 45 minute project, including test prints.

I wanted to try a fan shape I’ve seen people use to create a simple repeat design.

I worked out how to create the right shape that would interlock and drew out a template.

I was only using scraps of Japanese lino and a small square of easy carve to play around with so my pieces had to be quite small.

I hadn’t planned out a specific design and just let it flow!

I ended up making 2 small fan shapes that can be used together, 1 larger fan to repeat, 1 square-ish block and I ended up with some offcuts from the fan shapes which made great leaf shapes!

I rolled out a small pea sized amount of black ink on a smooth inking palette. It was just enough to test each of the blocks. The safe wash ink can be cleaned up with soap and water or wet wipes.

Share your finished project on the Student Chatroom!


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