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How to cut a simple picture mount

A quick run through of how to cut a simple picture mount to fit your artwork.

For this project you will need:

  • Mountboard (I just used ‘White’ from

  • Craft knife and mat cutter or bevel cutter.

  • Or Mount cutter (mine is a Logan 450-1 which I got from Lion picture framing supplies)

  • Ruler (metal ruler if you don’t have a mount cutter)

  • Pencil and rubber

This project should take between 20-40 minutes.

Feel free to ask questions. This was just a quick overview for anyone not sure where to start.

Off camera I took my inside aperture measurement away from my outside measurement.

Then I divided this by 2 to give me the size of the boarder, so I could centre my aperture.

Frame aperture

21.1 - 11.8 = 9.3 divide 2 = 4.65 cm

29.9 - 24.5 = 5.4 divide 2 = 2.7 cm

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