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Is this course for me?

Do you want to work step by step from the beginning? Understanding the equipment needed for watercolour painting, work through core skills like; paint consistency, wet on wet washes and glazing? Do you want to work on a series of simple paintings that build on these core skills?  Then yes this is for you.

The course assumes you have no prior knowledge and presents each piece of information or skill in manageable lessons. Allowing you to work through at your own pace, completing each lesson and building on the previous lessons skills.


What does the course cover?

Lesson 1 – Getting started. This covers all the equipment you need, basic mark making and paint consistency.


Lesson 2 – Key skills. This shows you how to lay down different washes and encourages you to use primary colours in mixes to create a colour wheel.


Lesson 3 – Primary colour mixes. This lesson works through the previous skills learnt to show you how to paint a still life of fruit.


Lesson 4 – Landscape painting. Here you will use glazing to paint a lovely country scene.


Lesson 5 – For fun! This is all about having fun and focusing on effects. There’s also a creative painting of sea and moon using different effects.


Everything you need to set you on the road to creating your own wonderful watercolours!


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Watercolour for Beginners - On-Demand Video Course


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