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Airdry Clay Shell Pendant

For this project you will need;

  • Air dry clay (I bought mine from The Works here - they also have it in white and terracotta)

  • Shells

  • Modelling tools or a pencil

  • Acrylic paint and brushes

  • Spray varnish (or clear nail varnish if you are really stuck)

  • Ribbon, thread or leather ties.

This project can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the amount you want to make. You will also need to leave your clay to dry overnight.

A simple step-by-step that you can make yourself or with children.

Scroll down to see video demonstration.

Try pressing different textures into your clay, painting with different colours or paints. Why not try using silver clay or Fimo?

1. Collect your shells!

(or other texture items. You could use paperclips or pen lids or buttons, anything to press a texture into the clay)

2. Remove a small amount of clay and roll into a ball.

3. Press slightly into a disc and then press your shell texture into the clay.

4. Push a hole into the clay so you can hang it from a ribbon later.

5. Now pull the shell off the clay. Try not to squash your pattern or your hole. (Make more!)

6. Allow to dry (follow the drying instructions that came with your clay)

7. Paint with acrylic paint into fabulous colours!

8. Seal with a varnish front and back, allow to dry.

9. Attach a ribbon. You can now wear it or give it as a gift!

Download tutorial

Air dry clay shell pendant - Art with Tr
Download • 845KB

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